Portrait of a Cameraman

Kurt Lorenz was one of the cameramen working on the documentary, “Anatomy of a Face” in 1966 about Romy Schneider. I met him and interviewed him about how he became a cameraman and on meeting the famous actress.

Shadow of the Imago

I was happy to direct these two fine students of the craft of acting in the Czech Republic for the festival “We Are All Emotional”. The festival was postponed at least twice because of the pandemic but through tenacity, it finally went ahead in the spring of 2022.

Shadow of the Imago is about the empath-narcissist relationship “through a glass darkly”. Please contact me for the video.

Divadlo X10 (c) Tereza Havlínková

When Time Has Flown

I was happy to premiere my short one woman show, “When Time Has Flown” at Kulturen in Bewegung in association with Unesco at The Volkskundemuseum in June this year. It was part of an all day event addressing inequality in the arts.

Photo: Tanya Kayhan/Post production Helena Eribenne ©2021

Oliver Gross – Creative Consultant H13 Prize for Performance 2019

Much credit and thanks go to photographer and director, Oliver Gross for his fantastic input as creative consultant on “Woman to Woman II”, in 2019 where I won the H13 Prize for Performance. He gave me 110% of his time and talent to which I am very grateful for. For more information about him, see his website https://www.delight-productions.com

Love Thy Neighbour

To be released in 2020.

From the Iron Curtain to the European Union’s Schengen, how have borders and their removal affected a small village just across the Austrian border in the Czech Republic?

When The World Comes To An End, Move To Vienna … – Because Everything Happens There 20 Years Later!

It is 1999 and London based DJ Eunikoro Rhensarai gets into her time machine intending to travel back to 1974. However something goes wrong and she ends up in an afro textured hair salon in Vienna instead. When The World Comes To An End, Move To Vienna …– Because Everything Happens There 20 Years Later! is an Afro-futuristic piece on racism and fear of the future.

London, 1999. DJ Eunikoro Rhensarai is not ready for the new millennium. The quality of metropolitan life has diminished and capitalism is on the rampage. This also affects Eunikoro, who has neither savings nor a steady income. Eunikoro therefore decides to board her time machine and travel back to 1974 and make the ‘right’ choices (with the benefit of hindsight). Something goes wrong, however and she remains in 1999, but is transported to Vienna.

In this new environment, Eunikoro is faced with her own identity as well as with her fears about the future. When The World Comes To An End, Move To Vienna … Because Everything Happens There 20 Years Later! is a tale of masks and migration, of talent and possibilities, true identities and those that are misconstrued. An entertaining science fiction drama with social commentary.

Production: WIENWOCHE http://archiv.wienwoche.org/en/447/when_the_world_comes_to_an_end,move_to_vienna–_because_everything_happens_there_20_years_later!